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HELPYOU OÜ focuses on business and management consultancy activities and provides intermediary services.

HELPYOU OÜ is a startup launched by an experienced founder who has been helping clients set up businesses and open accounts for more than 15 years.


We are here for those who prefer to individual approach, who seeking for getting guarantees of result, and want hassle-free service


Opening accounts for companies/personal/business


Companies formation worldwide


Personal accounts opening


Business accounts opening

Our team


Natalia Revenko


Natalia is a businesswoman and digital nomad with fifteen years of practical experience in areas: registration & support of companies, foundations, trusts, opening of bank, fintech, brokerage, crypto, precious metal accounts worldwide.

“I know how to develop business and protect assets with international trustable corporate and banking solutions so I can definitely HELP YOU.”

Feel free to contact me:

✔ ✔+372 59822887

Valeria Davydiuk

Business Development Director

Valeria is a specialist in the field of International Banking services for
non-residents. She is well versed in international banking and
non-banking financial institutions, and also professionally analyzes them for each client.

“I guarantee that we choose the best solution for each client. Our individual approach to you is the key to success.”

Feel free to contact me:

✔ ✔+372 81724684


Anna Malakhova


The strong Anna's skills are communication and sales promotion. She is a subtle psychologist and able to find the individual approach to every client.

“I know how to choose the best sales strategy to close deals faster.”

Feel free to contact me:

✔ anna@helpyou.compan ✔+372 8172 4605

Anastasia Stakhiv

Partnership Manager

Anastasia skillfully masters the technique of negotiation and sales. That is why at the company HELPYOU OÜ she is responsible for developing relationships with existing partners, finding and attracting new ones.

"I will do my best to build a long-term and trusting relationship with you because business is a relationship of people, not only money."

Feel free to contact me:



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